Redeemed by Love – A Poem from Michelle

My daughter Michelle would like to have all of her musings in one place. Given the inherent disorganization created by her various conditions — disorganized schizophrenia, autism, and learning disabilities – her poems often scatter about the house.

Evangelium Eternum

Those of you who are bringing classical Christian education to your older struggling students might appreciate this story …
The other night my young-adult son, Michael, came to me beaming, “Mom, you have to read this!”

Do You Want to Be Published?

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Dyslexia and Classical Education

As soon as we dip our toes into the realm of “special education,” we encounter the influences of undesirable learning theory and experimental education; so to whom can we turn? Below is a collection of carefully compiled lists to include teaching suggestions, discussions, and warning signs with steps to help.

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