Welcome to this site. We are dedicated to bringing a beautiful, inspiring, effective education to all children.

Our Mission: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
Our mission is to give YOU tools to teach your child(ren) more effectively with a love of truth, goodness, and beauty.
We seek to equip and encourage parents, classical schools, charters, pastors, seminaries, cottage schools and co-ops, university teacher training programs, and home educators.
Our Vision: We want to improve effectiveness in education with beauty and inspiration for every child in every area.
We want to strengthen …
  • Teacher training programs! My university experience, detailed in Simply Classical, is echoed by far too many. We seek to reverse this trend through in-service sessions and accessible resources.
  • Schools and classrooms! We want to empower schools to open doors to children with special needs through effective teaching resources for the establishment of beautiful special-needs teaching rooms. With classical art, Christian studies, music, literature, and even Latin, we now we have the curriculum to do this! We can help. We tip our hats to the many, many classical schools that excel with all students every day, year after year. See this model Highlands Latin School from which our own adapted, multi-sensory, slower-paced special-needs curriculum, the Simply Classical Curriculum, derives.
  • Home schools! Homeschoolers have unique, powerful flexibility to bring a beautiful education to any child. We love our homeschoolers and want to help these families any way we can.

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