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Teaching Thankfulness

Children receive many gifts this time of year. Let us teach them thankfulness as they receive! "I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." G.K. Chesterton As young as three and four, a child can...

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Wait for it….

Advent slows us down & is especially helpful for children with special needs who need structure, predictability, and a "liturgy" to their days. When bustling holiday preparations seem overwhelming, appreciate Advent! Advent turns children away from the clutter to...

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A Simple Explanation of the Church Service

Now available to explain to children, newcomers, young adults with special needs, catechumens, or anyone who would like to know why Christians do what they do on Sunday mornings. These little booklets make edifying reading for anyone. Churches may find these suitable...

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This is the brief talk I gave last night an introduction to the chapters I contributed to He Restores My Soul, a book authored with several writers including the lovely women pictured below at our book signing: Tentatio Cheryl Swope There is a Latin word to explain...

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Evangelium Aeternum

One evening my son came to me beaming: “Mom, you have to read this!” Earlier he had been “in a mood,” so I had sent him to his room with clear instructions: Do not to speak to anyone the rest of the night until you have read two chapters of your C. S. Lewis literature...

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The Message Worth Dying For

A Review (and more) by Michael L. Swope* If you are young, in your teens or even in your nineties, the Messengers by Lisa M. Clark will strengthen your faith, keep you entertained, enlighten you of the snares of the wily serpent himself, and of course leave you...

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