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Avoid Biological Reductionism

One of Dr. Temple Grandin’s newest books, The Autistic Brain: Helping Different Kinds of Minds Succeed, opens to us the science of neuro-imaging to remind us that many of our children’s odd fears, challenges, and even sensory strains are rooted in real, visible brain differences.

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As some of our children grow older, they not only experience but also begin to recognize social rejection. Although my daughter has since found a friend “like the sister I never had” at an adult day program, she often experienced loneliness in her girlhood years. When this happened over a prolonged period of time, she wrote this.

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Do You Want to Be Published?

A simple typed query letter from my hometown in Missouri arrived one day in the Memoria Press office in Louisville. Thanks to the generous vision of Mrs. Cheryl Lowe, founder of Memoria Press, who received my letter, the book Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education...

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