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Before teaching reading, develop good Ear Training (phonological awareness), as with Simply Classical Curriculum A, B, C or your own systematic pre-phonics program. The SC program includes Crafts, playdough for blending, and other hands-on tools for reinforcing phonological lessons. When the child is ready to blend sounds into words, we recommended the Simply Classical Curriculum Level 1 for explicit O-G based phonics instruction, sight words, and multi-sensory teaching techniques. Follow this with the O-G phonics readers in Simply Classical Level 2 for a full reading program for children with special needs.
Other good reading programs for children with learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities include All About Reading, AlphaPhonics, Barton, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and the Wilson Reading System.

Oral Language

Simply Classical Curriculum A, B, C focuses on oral receptive (understood) and expressive (communicated) language before the child learns to read. Simply Classical Curriculum 1, 2, 3, and beyond focus on receptive and expressive oral language after the child learns to read. Free online SC Readiness Assessments help place your child.

For children with special needs, oral language exercises can supplement speech and language therapy. Ask your Speech and Language therapist to borrow the H.E.L.P. series of graded oral language exercises. These can strengthen social language and the linguistic concepts needed for mathematics, writing, and other areas. Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing, books 1-5.


For grammar, composition, and comprehension taught with beautiful books, see Language Arts for the Primary Level under Curriculum. For students slightly higher than the skills in the Primary Language Arts set, see Books 2-4 in Building English for composition and grammar exercises. 
For older reluctant writers, especially boys, we recommend Structure & Style from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.
For struggling older writers with basic composition skills, we recommend the progymnasmata through Classical Composition.


Our hands-down favorite for classical mastery is Rod & Staff Arithmetic program, beginning with Book 1. We include this program in our own Simply Classical Curriculum and pair this with our own Arithmetic Read-aloud Sets. You can purchase our Individual Lesson Plans for SC 1 (R&S Book 1, part 1), SC 2 (R&S Book 1, part 2), and SC 3 (R&S Units 1-3). Look for these multi-sensory, kinesthetic plans with read-alouds in the Individual Lesson Plans, Special Needs section here, if you only need a good mastery-based math program for special needs. (These plans are already included in the full SC packages.)

Greek and Latin

We recommend this progression for Latin with CDs, DVDs, posters, and flash cards: Prima Latina, Latina Christiana I, First Form Latin. Look for special-needs lesson plans for these programs coming soon, beginning with Prima Latina in 2017.

We recommend this progression for Greek: Greek Alphabet Book, First Form Greek.

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