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It was, in a way, like reading the Gospel for the first time. Suddenly, I had hope. Someone had been where I was and had succeeded. I cried. I was relieved beyond measure. This could be done! But the question remained: How? Thankfully, Memoria Press
took the spark of Cheryl Swope’s extraordinary teaching experience with her own special-needs children and created the Simply Classical Curriculum.  [Read More]

Review: My Thankfulness Journals

There are oh so many reasons why its a good idea to keep a thankfulness journal! For starters, scripture commands us to thank the Lord again and again. It helps guard our hearts from discontentment or envy, and reminds us of the many reasons we have to be joyful.

— “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good.” Psalm 136a
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Review: Simply Classical Curriculum

This is our family’s fourteenth year of homeschooling.  Our fifth child has Down Syndrome and is twelve years old.  We are so grateful to have found Memoria Press’s special needs series.  Last year we did Simply Classical Level B and it helped our son become more acquainted with academic work, reciting and listening.  This year we are so excited to be able to follow a schedule without becoming discouraged as in past years.

Up until now  I would piece together a mish-mash of materials and activities, which would vary drastically according to my energy levels and his tolerance.  We have hope finally that our son can feel proud to join his siblings in school work that is his level and he is really working!  Perhaps most importantly he will be able to grow in good habits of learning.

We promote this program to anyone with children who have special needs.  It is just wonderful to have the practical format for skills and goals along with lesson plans that are easy to follow and allow for adding other special learning tools and therapy.

Thank you VERY much for helping many special needs students including our son!


Veteran Homeschool Mom

Mother to a gifted child with dyslexia

You made it perfect for our asynchronous children!

Voted #1 for Special Learners by Homeschooling Parents -- second year!

Teach your special-needs child with confidence. You can do this! Simply Classical Curriculum, ClassicalSpecialNeeds.com. Everything you need for a full year. Free online readiness assessments.

Free online support @ SimplyClassical.com 

Homeschooler of a Child with Special Needs

Love this! Using this for an 8 year old slow learner. Very impressed! Could also use this for a 4 year old who is ready to read. Very flexible.

Homeschooler in Level 2

The language lessons are absolutely wonderful! His comprehension has soared! It’s the perfect pace for my son. He loves spelling and the stories we read. His expressive language is greatly improving! My son sits at the table each morning to wait to get started! It’s a wonderful sight. Thank you for everything. Just everything!

For anyone on the fence...

I just wanted to say what a blessing this curriculum has been so far. We started 6 weeks ago with level 2, and I have seen such tremendous progress with my 8yo son.

He has not been officially diagnosed with any learning disabilities, for a variety of reasons, but I suspect he has ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.

I have found this curriculum isn’t nearly as time consuming as I feared and works really well with my son. He’s growth has been tremendous in only 6 weeks. When we finished our last year’s curriculum (we school year round) he was able to read CVC words and a handful of sight words. Yesterday, he was able to read “My Smart Dad” (in the At the Farm reader) with only a couple of corrections from me. It brought a tear to my eye. Reading for him had been such a struggle. While I by no means planned to give up, I have started considering the fact that he may never read well.

Now I am so much more hopeful and have such a sense of relief. He also did his spelling words and the most tricky word on the list was ‘today’. I wasn’t expecting him to be able to spell it. But he did without any help. 6 weeks ago he couldn’t even spell ‘to’. His printing has also greatly improved. He is even doing great with cursive.

I have also been surprised with how much he likes doing recitations. I thought those might be a battle, and planned on skipping them if they were a cause of fights and/or meltdowns, but he actually looks forward to doing them. This curriculum has been such a blessing, and I am overwhelmed with the results so far.

So for those of you debating about trying this curriculum I highly recommend it. I plan on using every level SC comes out with. — EIT

Homeschooling mother, Elaine

Your book and curriculum have been part of an answer to prayer.”  Our son is 14. He has low-functioning autism, is non-verbal, has auditory processing disorder, has involuntary muscle spasms, sensory integration disorder, and sleep disorder.

I was very excited last year to find the book Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child. I read this very excitedly!

I have been using Level A of the Simply Classical Curriculum with my son since last September. He loves to look at books….

Two years ago my son had hit puberty. I was so discouraged and ready to put him in public school…. I talk to my son about Jesus, daily. I take seriously the Deut. 6:4-9 passage about teaching him about our faith. I talk to him about pictures on our walls and wherever I see them, including at church. Music is a major part of our lives. I love to sing!  Read more

To help him understand, I take pictures of things, especially food, which is highly motivational for him. I create albums from which he can make choices. I make other picture albums to prepare him if we are going out somewhere, and we use pictures to explain the activities of school. Although some days end in tears (mine), God comforts me, as I teach my son. I love Psalm 139.*

Thank you for your book. I loved reading about your two precious children. It encouraged me so much!”

Before a word is on my tongue
You, Lord, know it completely. 
Psalm 139:4

A mother of an older child with special needs

“Thank you for striving to help us grow as parents and educators and for desiring not just the best education for our children’s minds, but for their hearts as well. So many expect too little, and of the wrong things, but you help us to remember to dwell on the lofty things.” — MA

Homeschooling mother, Kim

But the curriculum is the gentle approach to early learning we need right now. It compliments my own educational preferences developed over the years (I already had so many of the books!), fits well with Nathaniel’s therapies, and offers an easy weekly layout for his day nurse and I to share. Thank you.

I stumbled upon the Simply Classical Curriculum last fall and purchased the teacher’s manual for level A for our little Nathaniel. He was placed with us through foster care in 2013. With his adoption finalized, he is 28 months now.

Nathaniel has a tracheostomy and is g-tube dependent. He has only a pinhead opening between his upper airway and lungs (congenital), heart defects, deformed hand, global delays, sensory issues… I could on and on. He came to us with a very poor prognosis. At 8 months he could hold his head up. Many days the focus was just on staying alive. His care is demanding enough that we still get 16 hours a day of private duty nursing.  Read more

When we got involved with foster care, I was very firm that I wasn’t going to homeschool. With our last one at home, a sophomore, 20+ years of homeschooling is … a lot, as you know. Starting over with a baby was enough of a leap of faith!

But Nathaniel has done amazing. As his second birthday approached last November, I decided to take a peek at what is out there for preschool. That was when I found your material. I just wanted to thank you for the product.

Homeschooling parents

My husband and I are now completely sold on this curriculum. My son is already making a ton of progress. He wakes us wanting to “do school” each morning. He said “please” to the lady at the store and is now saying simple prayers out loud. Your curriculum has helped so much! — Melissa

Homeschooling mother of three with special needs, Christine

“Improved oral reading, drawing, painting, writing, and confidence – I am impressed how far my daughter has come in just 5 weeks of Simply Classical Level 2!

Homeschooler of challenged twins in Florida

This year my twins made more progress with Simply Classical Level One than in any other year with other programs.

Beautiful, gentle, effective:

This curriculum is a beautiful, gentle approach for a beginning writer. My boys will learn to recognize parts of sentences, simple capitalization and punctuation rules. An added bonus? Comprehension and a bit more practice with handwriting.

Homeschooler of a child with autism, low I.Q., and attention challenges in Colorado

He is reading!! My mom told me she didn’t think he would ever learn to read. It’s all thanks to this program. This curriculum makes no leaps in knowledge. It’s just little steps, one after another. I couldn’t be happier. –MB

Homeschooling mom of three with special needs:

We are working in Level C with our 6-year-old son and things are going GREAT…. His verbal output, processing, temperament, fine motor, organizational thinking, understanding, ability, PEACE and ENTHUSIASM have soared. We have a different child now. He is making actual conversation! (!!!!!)

For a child who could not speak until his fifth birthday, he is making AMAZING progress. He LOVES recitation, is incredibly good at retention of rote material and loves to “show off” what he knows. Very eager to please, learn and discover.

We absolutely LOVE IT and are seeing so much excitement, improvement, willingness to learn, and comprehension open up for him. Not enough good things to say. It has been such a blessing to find this curriculum. Total answer to prayer.   Read more

Every homeschooling parent has the overwhelming responsibility to educate their children, whose formation relies primarily upon their guidance, but much more so with a special needs family. These factors raised my stress to a level that was, frankly, beginning to become unmanageable. I needed “school in a box”; guided and developed by someone who had gone before me and knew what it was like to educate a struggling learner and who had developed a curriculum that anticipated their unique challenges. But all the “school in a box” programs I’d researched were not a good fit for the beautiful, rich, quality education my husband and I want for our children.

My son is six and a half, but did not begin speaking until a little after his fifth birthday. He has been examined by four specialists and a world-renowned speech pathologist. The “determination” is a bit of a mystery. He does not have autism, is physically healthy as a horse with no detectable genetic or physical anomalies. Yet his struggle with speech is similar to a child with classic developmental apraxia of speech but his comprehension is about the level of a two year old. He has a photographic memory; is very detail-oriented and quite bright; affectionate; funny; empathetic; great strength and gross motor skills, etc., etc….. But trying to piece together something for his “kindergarten” year had been a BEAR. Memoria seems to have thought of eveything — SO, SO GRATEFUL.

W’s fine motor has improved greatly with daily, gentle, slow and steady, printing practice and he even likes to use scissors now — something I could NOT get him to do before. The thing I have found that worked for W in the very beginning was to take the lesson plans for Level C and break them up into two days — sometimes three — depending on his mood, energy, strengths and weaknesses. That way we could cover all the material required, but at his pace. He (and I!) needed to get the feel and rhythm of how the curriculum flows (and, with his little brother and sister joining us, I needed to figure out how to teach him with “an audience”!)

Now that we have been “doing school” for a bit, we are finally able to cover all the ground needed in one “school day” (about two to two-and-a-half hours). But it took us a bit to work up to this as we got the hang of everything.

Do you know what a MIRACLE this feels like to me and to our family? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly did not think these words would be coming out of my mouth this time last year. I was trying to do homeschool by myself, piecemeal, and we were making progress… But there were so many “holes” I didn’t know how to fill in his learning that I was overwhelmed. This curriculum has been a true answer to prayer. Not enough good things to say, truly. Thank you!

Spearfish Classical Christian School

“We utilize the Memoria Press Preschool Curriculum. It is a modified Cheryl Swope’s Simply Classical Curriculum and is a great way to give preschoolers a gentle introduction to school… [more]

Who Will Benefit??

We have received reports of success from grateful parents of children with a wide array of diagnoses including these: ADHD, Anxiety, Apraxia of Speech, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Down syndrome, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Executive Function Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Hearing Impairments, Intellectual Disability, Language Disorders, Memory Difficulties, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Pragmatic Language Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders, Specific Learning Disabilities, “Slow Learner,” Visual Impairments, Visual Processing Disorder, Low Working Memory, and more … Order the Simply Classical Curriculum.

Read the book that started it all, Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child.

Changing Lives

Now YOU can teach your child step by step with daily lesson plans and beautiful books at home! The Simply Classical Curriculum provides all of the plans and books you need for an entire year. Compare this to the cost of private special schools. With free online assessments, you’ll know exactly where to begin. In this six-minute video, you will meet a student of the Simply Classical Curriculum. (The full story is found here.) Notice this little boy’s distracted, parroting communication at the beginning of the program. Witness his changed demeanor, as he begins to learn. Thanks to Memoria Press, the lives of this young man and his family have been changed forever. Experience this change for yourself at ClassicalSpecialNeeds.com.

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