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Levels 7&8: Poetry, Pleiades, & Promises


Students study poetry, astronomy, literature, mathematics, English composition, Latin, and the promises of the Old Testament fulfilled in Christ Jesus because special education need not feel remedial! Levels 7&8 are offered in Two-Year Standard or One-Year Accelerated pacing.

Myself & Others

from Memoria Press

Teach one 14-week unit from children’s literature. Cover social skills, social perception and understanding, hygiene, health, safety, and manners with visual cues for ages 4-13.

Perfect for students with autism, nonverbal learning disability, or for ANY child.

Each program is 14 weeks with daily lessons.

Teaching tips

Ages 4-8: Begin with Book One (no writing, brief lessons). Then teach Book Two.

Ages 9-13: Begin with Book Three (includes Aesop Copybook). Then teach Book Four.

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