Dyslexia within a Classical Framework

As soon as we dip our toes into the realm of “special education,” we encounter influences of undesirable learning theory and experimental education; so where can we turn? Below are carefully chosen lists of teaching suggestions, warning signs, and steps to obtaining help. We begin with … Teaching Reading – … Continue reading

“Reading With Your Ears” – How Audio Books Help Challenged Learners

“Audio books are an excellent resource for educators,” writes Christie Berry, Ed.D, in her outstanding article, Reading With Your Ears. “When used with learners, audio books can help improve cognitive ability, language acquisition, and auditory processing.” She continues. Audio books “increase interest and motivation in reading and expand interest in … Continue reading

Review: “I am impressed at how far my daughter has come, in just 5 weeks since we started Simply Classical Level 2.”

“Improved oral reading, drawing, painting, writing, and confidence – in just 5 weeks!” This review arrived yesterday, and is such wonderful news from one of our SC 2 homeschool teachers. Read the full account of the way this mom of 3 with special needs organizes her day to teach with … Continue reading