Review: “I am impressed at how far my daughter has come, in just 5 weeks since we started Simply Classical Level 2.”

“Improved oral reading, drawing, painting, writing, and confidence – in just 5 weeks!” This review arrived yesterday, and is such wonderful news from one of our SC 2 homeschool teachers. Read the full account of the way this mom of 3 with special needs organizes her day to teach with … Continue reading

Simply Classical, the book – for ANYONE in education – not just for special needs

Yes, the book is for all*! This latest review from “Tirzah” (Aug. 31, 2016) is one of my all-time favorites on Goodreads, probably because of her last sentence. (She knows who the real heroes are!) And she makes this clear: Simply Classical is for all. She writes here: When I … Continue reading

Why Don’t They Just Teach My Child? – Phyllis Schlafly’s Educational Legacy (1924-2016)

When I began reading Phyllis Schlafly’s writings on education in the early 90s, I began to think I could teach my own child. Just like my child’s wise classically-educated language therapist, Phyllis Schlafly urged me to teach my children to read before they entered school. So I did. Thank you, … Continue reading

Free Audio Podcasts, Interviews, & Videos

The trend toward audio books and podcasts allows easy access. For this reason we offer many free interviews, podcasts, and downloads in addition to for-purchase webinars. To find a listing of these for “Cheryl Swope” or “Simply Classical,” visit any of these Audio Links to Interviews & Sessions. If you … Continue reading

Toward a Classical Revival

Revival – “an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.” The author of a new website dedicated to reviving something important. With all things classical, just posted an article on Equipping Parents to Teach Classically with the Struggling Learner. For help and support with this important task, … Continue reading