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Cheryl is an advocate of classical Christian education for students with special needs. The love of history, music, literature, and Latin instilled in her own children has created in Cheryl the desire to share the message that classical education offers benefits to any child.

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Changed Lives

YOU can teach your child step by step with daily lesson plans and beautiful books at home! The Simply Classical Curriculum provides all of the plans and books you need for an entire year. (Compare this to the cost of private special schools!) With free online assessments, you’ll know exactly where to begin. In this updated video, you will meet a student of the Simply Classical Curriculum. (His full story is found here.) Notice this little boy’s distracted, parroting communication at the beginning of the program. Witness his changed demeanor, as he begins to learn. Follow him through one of his first books read cover to cover. Then watch more. Thanks to Memoria Press & the Simply Classical Curriculum, the lives of this young man and his family have been changed forever. Experience this change for your own students at

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