Mary & Martha: A Poem from Michelle Swope


From Cheryl Swope | March 1, 2019 | Faith, Michelle’s Poetry

This is one of my favorites from Michelle’s second collection. As we approach Lent, I thought others might appreciate this:

Mary and Martha

God calls us to understand
How brief this life has been.
His Word, His Law He’s written
Our hearts, our souls within.

Mary, God’s good friend,
Sat and heard His teaching begin.
Martha, house to style, just then
Rudely called her sister in.

“Is it mine to serve alone
Before our Master
Feels thin like bone?”

Gently Jesus called to her:
Martha, Martha, you begin
To see what style the world is in.
Mary stays; God’s love resides.

Mary, Martha, two apart
God calls us His
Love to impart.

from God’s Harvest


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