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From Cheryl Swope | May 18, 2018 | For Special Needs, On Classical Education

Our copies of Simply Classical recently SOLD OUT on Amazon but the book is always available here at a consistently low price.

We received this yesterday:

“I finished Cheryl’s book, Simply Classical, and could not be more pleased or excited about the upcoming year. This makes so much more sense with what I believe scripture says about children, and their need for direction. I have a degree in social science education, and I did not realize how much I’d bought into some newer thinking about children and education.

I have now ordered the entire day for my kids. Behavior is better, and they are both learning so much. I’m slowly ordering my own mind again, and can see how ordering the minds of my children is going to benefit them as well.

Thank you Cheryl, for writing Simply Classical. It’s been a game-changer already and we haven’t even officially started schooling. I’m so excited to see what my boys are capable of, and what other surprises are in store for us. Thank you!!!” — P


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